Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy takes complementary therapy’s aim to help the client achieve good health (homeostasis) a step further.

A holistic therapist looks at the “bigger picture” of their client’s health and uses a mixture of complementary therapies to maximise the beneficial effects. During a course of treatments, the actual mix will vary, depending upon the client’s current requirements.

Many people who receive an individual treatment will go away feeling very relaxed and rebalanced. However several days later they may feel exactly the same as they did before. For many people, although the treatment was successful in the short term, the imbalances will reoccur as their lifestyle has not changed.

At Aviva Holistics your therapist will ask you many questions about your lifestyle, eating habits and working environment. In this way, your therapist may advise you on ways in which you may help yourself to maintain long-term good health (homeostasis) and therefore receive the most benefit from your treatments.

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